Our Mission - Fundraising For Sport Teams, Clubs

Our Mission – Fundraising For Sport Teams, Clubs


Shouldn’t team building and playing sports be FUN and FREE?  As a father and the coach of my daughter’s award-
winning softball team, I watched our struggle with fundraising for years.  I not only worried about our teammates
handling of cash and talking to strangers, fundraising was taking up valuable practice time!

My daughter and I searched far and wide for the perfect fundraising campaign, but we were always forced to ask
friends and family to buy just one more needless frozen food kit.  Raising money wasn’t fun, safe, or polite for us,
and it was a task that never ended.

We founded TeamNut to empower your team to raise money the right way!  Even if you currently fundraise in
other ways, joining TeamNut can STILL benefit you.  Every team receives a FREE personalized Team Website where
they can showcase their achievements, post pictures, news and video for fans to see!  Membership is always FREE
with NO obligations.  Effortlessly make team money ALL YEAR LONG by simply giving out your printable TEAM
BUSINESS CARDS to your fans, family and friends. Just invite them all to visit your Site and your Team Store, where
they will find 100’s of items to please any taste, and where your team receives 50% of the selling price of every
product in the store.  Since your Team Store is open 24/7/365, your team can receive payments every 2 weeks ALL

Welcome to the new and improved way to raise money for your team.  Leave the fundraising up to us.  Now, you
can finally focus on the field and your fans!

- Joe Gralick  & Jolie Gralick  (Founders)

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